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The beginnings

“Pan de nus, mangia de spus" is an old milanese saying which means “bread and walnuts, bread of married couples”; and it is right from the passion in making bread that comes the idea of the first Pandenus, a place where to hangout, take a pause, enjoying tasting food and meet new people. The first place was opened in via Tadino in 2007, a bright oasi among the rushing pace of Milan, a spot where to join friends, enjoy an healthy lunch, or an happy hour.


Quickly Pandenus has become a vital milanese reference point and three other places expanded the brand, everyone with its own neighborhood character, where all the products are daily fresh made in place and the atmosphere is informal but still very unique.

All the ingredients that we use are fresh and the products daily made in our laboratories, where new recipes are mixed with traditional flavors. We work only with first choice suppliers and we give preference to biological raw material; we also offer vegan and coeliacs products.  

In 2015 the society decided to look forward opening two bed and breakfast room suites on top of Largo la Foppa Pandenus, giving thus birth to Locanda Pandenus brand, addressed to both a leisure and business oriented customers, dynamic and international. Currently, with the acquisition of the new Pandenus in via Mercato, in the heart of Brera area, the evolution continues; the five Michelin star chef Enrico Bartolini has joined our team, in charge of our Bistrot in via Mercato, and four elegant brand new suites are available upon the restaurant, thence developing the first Locanda Pandenus.

In March 2018 a new Pandenus will be inaugurated in Piazza Gae Aulenti, Milan’s new pioneering office district, with two hundred places to seat and leaned over a vast green area.